Learning for a Sustainable Future (LSF) is a non-profit Canadian charity and organization established to integrate sustainability education into Canada’s education system. Their mission is to promote, through education, the knowledge, skills, values, perspectives, and practices essential to a sustainable future. Their focus is on Education for Sustainable Development (ESD). LSF works with a variety of stakeholders to integrate the concepts and principles of sustainable development into education policy, school curricula, teacher education and lifelong learning across Canada.

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1. Resources for Rethinking (R4R): LSF’s resource database, R4R, is impressive and bilingual. It’s a free online database where anyone can search for high quality, peer reviewed, curriculum – matched teaching resources. Their library of resources extends way beyond climate change.
2. Climate Changes Resources for Teachers: LSF also creates their own resources and lesson plans in house. In 2018 they created their own climate change resource report which vetted a significant number of climate change education resources.
3. Our Canada Project: LSF released Our Canada Project, an initiative where students can post about the environmental actions they are taking across Canada on an interactive map. They also have a grant program established called Eco League; linking education to action.



1. Assess the impact of different practices to mitigate climate change
2. Identify the indicators of climate change and their impacts on various regions

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