The UNFCCC website provides information on the inner-workings of international climate change governance. It describes the history, context, adoption, implementation and ratification of international climate change agreements such as the Convention, the Kyoto Protocol and the Paris Agreement. It shares news and stories of how different regions around the world are making progress toward their climate change goals and also describes the bodies and institutions embedded in the architecture of international climate change governance.
Copies of the formal agreements are available on the website in all working languages of the UN.

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1. Climate Neutral Now is a UN initiative to encourage everyone from large organizations to individuals to commit to becoming climate neutral by mid-century. This is done through the three-step method of measuring GHGs; reducing them as much as possible; then compensating those which cannot be avoided.
2. Negotiation Simulations can be done in class as a forum to discuss and debate the contents of international climate change agreements. This can also be done in the format of a Model UN club.



1. Evaluate the effectiveness of Government Initiatives that address Climate Change
2. Determine the roles of Intergovernmental Organizations and their Agreements
3. Analyze Canada’s response to climate change.

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