The Sustainable Development Goals consist of 17 goals that guide countries towards prosperity. The SDGs recognise the importance of promoting sustainable economic development while also reducing poverty, hunger, inequality and environmental degradation. The SDG website contains a lot of resources for both teachers and students to learn about sustainable development. These resources include the SDG book club, the SDG media zone as well as many games and activities that can be used in the classroom.

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1. Go Goals is a board game that teaches students about sustainable development. The game is free, the board can be printed and it can be played with cut-out dice.
2. Elyx is a character in a free e-book which uses a playful narrative to explain each of the sustainable development goals. The book was created by French artist, Yak with the specific goal of not depicting any race, gender or nationality.
3. 170 actions to transform our world is an ebook which shows specific actions we can take to get us closer to each of the sustainable development goals.



1. Evaluate the effectiveness of UN Sustainable Development Goals
2. Compare developed and developing countries in terms of the climate change impacts they face

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