Beyond the hit Netflix video content dissecting humans impact on 7 diverse ecosystems, Our Planet offers lots of ways for students to get involved in changing the course of our planet’s future. Short videos, easy to digest statistics, and straightforward solutions to global challenges provide a positive perspective on human-nature interactions. Their explorable globe, student and teacher resources, and ways to get involved further provide an engaging yet educational experience for all ages.

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1. Our Planet Toolkit provides grade specific supplementary discussions and activities to use alongside Our Planet videos.
2. Explorable Globe is an interactive tool demonstrating the history of human impact on our planet from the beginning of our species.
3. Links to Actions students can take personally and international initiatives they can get involved in ranging from clean air, endangered species to sustainable agriculture.



1. Determine the effect climate change has on the diversity of living things
2. Discuss the impact of human activities on natural cycles and the global commons (overfishing, water pollution, water depletions etc.)
3. Describe a variety of climate change media
4. Determine how to communicate climate change most effectively

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