The NASA website provides a robust and content rich overview of themes related to climate change science. They break down the content into evidence, causes, effects, scientific consensus, vital signs, and FAQs . One notable feature of the website is the interactivity, for example, the website boasts a climate time machine which shows climate change over time, and a map dotted with images of climate changing the landscape all over the world. There is also an interactive quiz that allows you to test your knowledge on climate change and related issues and other new content being created regularly.

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1. Eyes on the Earth 3D: Visualization of NASA satellites which collect data about the Earth’s physical and natural systems
2. Climate Time Machine: This shows the change in climate over time in various places around the world.
3. Quiz: The quiz is an opportunity to test your knowledge on climate change



1. Describe the greenhouse effect and its contribution to climate change
2. Identify the naturally occurring gases in the atmosphere and how they change over time
3. Describe the natural phenomena and human activities known to affect the global climate
4. Identify and describe a carbon sink

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