The Let’s Talk Energy initiative invites all people in Canada to explore energy systems, and to reflect on the relationship between energy, the economy and the environment. Let’s Talk Energy also seeks to connect people in Canada with the realities of our changing climate. They do this through exhibitions, school programs and kits, lesson plans and infographics, social media programming, virtual tools and outreach at events.

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1. Climate 101: From Climate Science to the Pan-Canadian Framework – get informed using the Climate 101 portal. Clear and concise information paired with helpful infographics will help you develop your understanding of key issues.
2. Climate Time Machine Climate Change Adaptation Lesson Plans and Infographics (To What Degree?): For grades 6 to 9 for classes in a variety of disciplines. This lesson plan encourages students to think about climate change adaptation and mitigation through a variety of activities that you can choose from. From simpler activities like a value line, to a major final project where students create their own exhibit on climate change.
This shows the change in climate over time in various places around the world.
3. Games: Let’s talk energy has vetted numerous games to help you engage your students. Use one of the games as a hook at the beginning of a lesson!



1. Define climate change
2. Describe the greenhouse effect and its contribution to climate change.
3. Identify climate tech innovations.

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