Illuminate teaches players about climate change impacts and solutions in Canada. The game is designed for classroom settings to supplement guided lessons, and for remote learning independently or with families at home. In Illuminate, players must complete two missions to finish the game. In mission 1, players explore ways to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and prevent global temperatures from rising to dangerous levels. In mission 2, players visit three types of Canadian communities where they are asked to help prepare communities for the impacts of climate change. Illuminate was developed by the University of Waterloo’s Interdisciplinary Centre on Climate Change (IC3) in partnership with the Games Institute.


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Illuminate is a simulation game that explores climate change solutions. Mitigation strategies are presented to the player to learn about ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Community scenarios teach players about the impacts of climate change in coastal, rural and urban communities in Canada. Climate action is encouraged throughout the game to find solutions that prevent and protect communities from climate risks.




  1. Determine the best strategies for communities to effectively adapt to climate risks
  2. Examine ways to mitigate climate change and prevent global temperatures from rising to dangerous levels
  3. Discuss climate change mitigation and adaptation and explore solutions


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