GreenLearning creates free and accessible online education programs about energy, climate change and the green economy that engage and empower students to create positive change for our evolving world. All GreenLearing lessons are piloted with teachers and school boards and revised based on their feedback before they are made available.

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1. Ready Made Programs: Search by grade or subject and gain access to numerous programs linked directly to Canadian provincial curriculum. A support tech or workshop leader is available to help you integrate GreenLearning programs into your classroom or school community.
2. Spiral Inquiry Model: GreenLearning uses a model that encouraged open ended and student-centred investigation. Download a free poster and try this method in your classroom!
3. 2.0: GreenLearning launched a resource database that contains hundreds of climate change resources selected by teachers and educators. You can search for resources – view the most recent resources – add resources to your COOL classroom AND add your own resource to the database.



1. Evaluate Renewable and Non-Renewable Energy Resources
2. Determine methods to reduce energy consumption
3. Discuss broad mitigation strategies

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