Google Earth and other Geo Tools can help develop creative, interactive approaches to enriching geospatial knowledge in the classroom. Through exploration, storytelling and cartography, students can develop critical thinking, data visualization skills and a global perspective on topics including climate change.

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1. Earth Engine time lapses historic satellite imagery and scientific datasets so students can explore climate topics such as changing forest cover over time.
2. Science Journal for Teachers has activities and experiments students can do in the classroom and outside using their mobile devices.
3. Virtual and Augmented Reality bring learning to life in a range of “expeditions” and “virtual field trips”.



1. Identify the sources of scientific data for evidence of natural climate change and climate change influenced by human activity
2. Identify the indicators of climate change and their impacts on varying communities, regions, etc.
3. Construct adaptation strategies: modifying the environment
4. Identify future geopolitical Issues that may arise due to climate change

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