While Climate Change Connection aims to connect Manitobans to climate change facts and solutions, this resource also provides detailed content applicable for Canadian and global audiences.  Providing answers to climate science questions, emissions, wide-ranging social economic and environmental impacts, and personal to international solutions, this site is comprehensive and easy to navigate. The “Connections” section provides additional opportunities to get engaged for Manitobans, while the Resources section has content applicable to both teachers and students.

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1. “Cool Apps” has a range of apps on climate science, impacts and actions that could provide a way to extend climate lessons beyond the classroom.
2. Project Funding list of sources to help students, teachers, classrooms and schools can finance environmental projects – while aimed at Manitoba schools, many grants listed are Canada wide.
3. In-class Activities, handouts and learning guides with unique and interesting ties to climate change e.g. the impact of fashion.



1. Describe the natural phenomena and human activities known to affect the global climate
2. Examine the climate change impacts on selected regions and the cascading effects (spread of non-native species, disease, food production, shifting ecozones, migration) over time.
3. Discuss broad mitigation strategies
4. Construct adaptation strategies

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