The Climate Atlas of Canada was created by the Prairie Climate Centre at the University of Winnipeg. This innovative tool allows users to visualize and interact with up to date climate data and investigate human stories about climate change and action. The Atlas explains what climate change is, how it affects Canada and what these changes mean in our communities. Documentary videos, collaboratively developed with local and Indigenous knowledge holders as well as other experts, help make local sense of the global issue of climate change.

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1. Updated, latest generation climate data: teachers and students can explore and download local and regional data. A great opportunity to analyze graphs, isolate variables and make informed predictions. Check out the interactive climate change map.
2. Climate Change and Canada’s Cities: Climate Atlas provides a series of reports and videos summarizing projected climate changes for Canada’s major cities and approaches that can be used today to take meaningful action
3. Explore Climate Change topics: Provide students with articles and videos highlighting climate science, cities, agriculture, forest, climate change action and Indigenous Knowledge



1. Determine the possible effects of climate change on a specific region(s)
2. Examine climate change impacts on selected regions and their cascading effects (spread of non-native species, disease, food production, shifting ecozones, migration) over time.

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