Climate Action Network Canada – Réseau action climat – brings together over 100 youth, labour, development, faith-based and indigenous groups and national, provincial, and territorial environmental organizations to coordinate climate action and policy for the greatest impact. A wide range of webinars, workshops, research, publications, media reports are compiled from their network of members and available on this site.

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1. Webinars provide diverse and detailed look into a wide range of Canadian specific topics including carbon pricing, climate finance, understanding Canadian and International climate reports, decarbonization.
2. Simplified Climate Policy including short articles such as what the Paris Agreement means for Canada or dissecting the Pan-Canadian Framework on Climate Change and Clean Growth..
3. ClimaCon annual conference hosted by Climate Action Network.



1. Define Climate Change
2. Analyze Canada’s Response to Climate Change
3. Analyze the impact of climate change on the livelihood of individuals across the globe

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