Because IPCC

Because IPCC is 33 pages of illustrated story set 100 years in the future. Very few people recognize the acronym IPCC so it goes without saying that few people understand how the IPCC works and how rigorously their process establishes what is known about climate change. The story reviews the history of the organization then explains how scientific method, scientific journals, and peer review work and are used in generating the knowledge the IPCC uses in writing its reports. The book then relates how volunteer scientists come to agreement on what it all means, even including stakeholders from both the environmental activist and the fossil fuel industry sides of the issue. The inclusion and consensus of all the governments of the world is explained. Finally the happy outcome of society’s engagement with the issue predicts the saving of the world.

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Because IPCC‘s one goal is to fill a particular gap in public knowledge on climate change. Specifically: who has the most credible information and why are they the most credible.Too few people recognize the acronym IPCC.


  1. Determine what is credible information on climate change.
  2. Examine ways the history of climate science and what the IPCC represents.
  3. Discuss climate change mitigation and adaptation and explore solutions.

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